'A Devon family that has branched out Globally'




International Speare Family Get together 


Oxford University

Provisional dates Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd June 2011

Almost 240 Years after the wedding of Richard Speare & Mary Carpenter in the Devon countryside village of Inwardleigh.  The family gets a chance to gather again in England.   This time we will be gathering in the University City of Oxford.  

We have had 3 gatherings to date that I have been involved with the 1st back in April 2002 in Exeter, Devon followed by gatherings in St Charles, Illinois & Plymouth, Devon.  The gatherings have grown in size each time bringing different branches of the family together.

The aim of Oxford 2011 is to bring together as many members of the global family as possible.  Hopefully the state of the world economy will have picked up by then.  

I will make more information available nearer the time.  The response I have had so far has been great.  Please get in touch if you would like more information or to participate.


Thomas Peeke

FACEBOOK - The family has a group on Facebook called "Speare with an E!"

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