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My Speare Family Roots


My Branch of the Speare Family like most of you goes back to Hatherleigh & Inwardleigh in Devon, England

Generation 1

Henry Speare married Rebecca Cooper on 5th June 1701 in Hatherleigh, Devon

Generation 2

Henrys son Henry was born in 1705 he was baptised 19th December 1705 in Hatherleigh, Devon.  He married Elizabeth Abell on 9th June 1727 in Hatherleigh.  Elizabeth was baptised 21st October 1707 in Hatherleigh daughter of Israel Abell & Patience Tanner

Generation 3

Henrys son John was born in 1730 he was baptised 28th August 1730 in Hatherleigh, Devon.  He married Mary Tucke on 11th October 1755 in Hatherleigh.

Generation 4

Johns son Richard was born abt 1754 and baptised 27th December 1756 in Hatherleigh and died in June 1827 in Inwardleigh.  He was married to Mary Carpenter on 11th August 1772 in Inwardleigh, Devon.  Mary was baptised 4th July 1756 in Meeth, Devon daughter of Richard & Prudence Carpenter

Generation 5

Richards son Richard who was baptised 12th January 1778 in Inwardleigh and married Mary Ward 21st December 1801 in Inwardleigh.  Richard died on 10th October 1848 in Upton Pyne he died of injuries incurred when attacked by a gale bullock.  Mary Wards sister Sarah Ward Married Richards brother Samuel on 10th November 1807 also in Inwardleigh.  Mary & Sarah were the daughters of Ralph & Grace Ward

Generation 6

Richards son John Speare was baptised 4th October 1818 in Inwardleigh.  John moved from Inwardleigh to Upton Pyne near Exeter.  John married Mary Perkins on 4th July 1841 in Upton Pyne.  Johns brother Daniel Speare married Mary's Sister Harriett Perkins.  John Died young in October 1847 and was buried in Upton Pyne. Mary was married to John Hoare from Crediton on 16th January 1849 in Upton Pyne.  Mary & Harriett were the daughters of William & Sarah Perkins.

Generation 7

Richard Speare & Susan (nee Carter)

Johns Speare's son Richard was born 28th February 1842 & baptised 13th March 1842 in Upton Pyne.  Richard died on 27th May 1895 at 4 Lower Wellesley Road, Torquay, Devon.  Richard married Susan Carter from Tiverton daughter of John Carter & Grace Crook.  Susan was born 24th May 1836 in Tiverton & Died 29th September 1909.  

Generation 8



Harry & Elizabeth Speare with Family

Speare children during WW1

Richards son Harry Speare was born 3rd January 1864 in Teignmouth, Devon & died on 19th June 1930 at 62 East Street, Wolborough, Devon .  Harry married Elizabeth Mary Collings on 16th April 1882 in Babbacombe. Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles Frederick Collings & Emily Tapley Blackler of Stoke Gabriel.  Elizabeth died 1st March 1942 in Devon

Richard & Susan had 3 other children George Walter Speare lived in Southampton, Ontario, Canada and was married Sarah Ann Mitch (1), Christina Ellen Gray (2).  Eliza Maria Speare lived in Devon, England and was married to George Tarr.  Richard John Speare lived in Toronto, Canada and was married to Mary Ellen Taylor

Generation 9

Harry's daughter Elizabeth Speare was born 1st April 1886 in Torquay & Died 29th April 1963. Elizabeth married Sidney Peeke  5th November 1911 in Totnes.  Sidney was born 11th March 1887 he was the son of George Robert Peeke & Ellen Tucker.

Harry & Elizabeth had 5 other children.   Alice Louisa Speare married to Daniel Peeke (Sidney's brother), Susan Emily Speare married to William Harvey, William Henry Speare married to Mary Jane Rogers (1), Elizabeth Gillies (2), Doreen Powell (3), George Speare married to Hilda Blackler & Albert Charles Speare married to Ivy Edhouse


Generation 10

Peggy & Wilf outside house in Manningtree

Wilf Peeke Sailing

Elizabeth's son Wilfred (Wilf) George Peeke was born 12th August 1914 in Paignton & died 9th May 1994 in Ipswich, Suffolk.  Wilfred was one of 4 children Kath, Stanley & Ken.  Wilf married Peggy Peachey 3rd June 1945 in Manningtree, Essex.  Peggy is the daughter of Walter Peachey & Catherine Matten.

Generation 11

Antony & Rosemary Wedding Day

Wilf's son Antony Richard Peeke was born in 1947 in Gt Bentley, Essex.  Antony was one of 3 Children also Christopher & Caroline.  Antony married Rosemary Rookard in 1971 in Lawford, Essex.  Rosemary is the daughter of Reg & Joan Rookard 

Generation 12

Laura, James & Thomas Peeke

Antony & Rosemary have 3 Children Thomas born 1976 (Myself), James, 1978 & Laura, 1979.  Laura is married to Ross Greening  

Generation 13

Sebastian & Dominic Greening sons of Laura (Peeke) & Ross Greening




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