Speare UK Probate Records


1918 1935




Eliza Jane Speare

Of 94 Fore Street, Saltash, Cornwall. Spinster died 22nd April 1919 at Wingfield House, Stoke, Plymouth. Probate Bodmin, 26th September to Roderick Porter Solicitor & Emily Kelly Widow. Effects 563


Maria Speare

Of Alma House, Northlew, Devon Widow. Died 18th December 1918 at the Devon Mental Hospital, Exminster, Devon. Probate Exeter, 29th April to Jeha Newcombe Solicitor & Henry John Friend, Farmer Effects 572




Elizabeth Selina Hoy Speare

Of 94 Fore Street, Saltash, Cornwall, Spinster. Died 9th February 1919. Administration: Bodmin, 6th January to Charles Henry Speare, House Decorator. Effects 300




Sir John Ward Spear (Knight)

Of Venn Lamerton, Devon. Died 27th April 1921. Probate London, 2nd July to John Ward Spear esquire. Effects 80,673




Thomas Speare

Of Westwood Farm, Inwardleigh, Devon. Died 17th October 1923 at Charlton Private Nursing Home, Ford Park, Plymouth. Probate London, 21st December to William Thomas Speare, Farmer. Effects 2,155


Mary Jane Speare

Of Lewesden, 64 Warbor Road, Babbacombe, Devon. Spinster died 11th March 1923. Probate London 19th April to Tom Derges, Chief Steward RN. Effect 633.




Rev Joseph Speare

Of St Josephs College, Mill Hill, Middlesex. Died 19th June 1925 at Patricroft Manchester. Administration: London, 26th November to the Public Trustee. Effects 732.




Rebecca Speare

Of 228 Edleston Road, Crewe, Widow. Died 14th November 1925. Probate London, 5th February, Arthur Cheshire, Mechanic. Effects 2018.




William Alfred Speare

Of 5 Albert Villas, Burraton Street, Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. Died 19th May 1928. Probate Bodmin, 26th September to Sophia Speare Widow. Effects 595.




John Henry Speare

Of Rose Cottage, Plymstock, Nr Plymouth. Died 15th February 1929. Probate London, 27th March to Beatrice Willis Horton, Widow & Henry Lawrence Spear Solicitor. Effects 694




William John Thomas Speare

Of 13 Church Road, St Burdeaux, Plymouth. Died 13th June 1930. Probate Exeter to Catherine Speare, widow. Effects 675


Sophia Speare

Of 5 Albert Villas, Burraton Street, Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall, Widow. Died 23rd December 1929. Probate Bodmin 3rd April to John Henry Wadge, Chimney Sweep & Stanley Charles Roberts, Motor Driver. Effects 653




Daniel Speare

Of Terrace Lodge, Wardour, Wiltshire. Died 10th December 1931. Probate at Bristol on 3rd February to Ann Speare, Widow. Effects 2,222


John Thomas Speare

Of 8 Fore Street, Saltash, Cornwall. Died 25th April 1932. Probate London on 20th June to George Stanley Speare, Motor Driver. Effects 187


Robert Pitts Speare

Of 62 Denzil Road, Guildford. Died 4th September 1932 at the Warren Road, Hospital Guildford. Probate London on 29th September to Emily Ann Speare, Widow. Effects 309




Ann Speare

Of Coombe Bissett, Wiltshire, Widow. Died 31st January 1934. Probate 26th February in Winchester to Emily Trimby, Widow. Effects 47


Daniel Speare

Of Terrace Lodge, Wardour, Wiltshire. Died 10th December 1931. Probate at Bristol, 29th March to Francis William Speare retired Major Indian Army. Effects 769, Former Grant D.R Bristol 3rd February 1932



Charles Henry Speare

Of 24 Wellington Road, Bournemouth. Died 12th December 1934 at Kniverton Road, Bournemouth. Probate Winchester on 28th February to Adelaide Speare, Widow. Effects 685