Clifford Speare Page

16/07/1920 - 22/04/1997


Clifford's Father

William Henry Speare

Clifford's Brother

William (Bill) Speare

Clifford & Kay 9th August 1980

Clifford in Army

Clifford Speare was born in Winnipeg, Canada and moved to Chicago, Illinois where he grew up. He had a variety of jobs as a young man in Chicago from working as a Runner at the Chicago Board of Trade, to positioning automobiles for dealers across the United States from coast to coast.

Clifford was a veteran of WW II having been in the Army Air Force. He was a B17 Top Turret Gunner, assisting in the cockpit during takeoff and landings and then climbing into his gun turret during the en route portion of the flight. During one of the bombing runs his plane lost an engine from German flack and German fighters were able to shoot the plane down over Germany. Most of the crew bailed out, parachuting to the ground. Clifford then was a Prisoner of War for a year and one half, until the end of the war, when his German captors surrendered to the American Forces.

After the war Clifford returned to Chicago and began his career as and Architect and Carpenter. Clifford Speare Sr. built the house that his wife Kay and his two sons Cliff & Bill lived in 1951. It is in Deerfield, Illinois, USA. Kay remained in the house after the death of her husband in 1997.

Clifford was a Superintendent and an Estimator for construction companies that built homes, schools, offices and banks in the Chicago area. He built numerous homes in Deerfield, and the Deerfield State Bank in downtown Deerfield. After years of working in the construction office as the Construction Project Estimator, he began his own carpentry business. He taught his two sons the carpentry trade who then worked with him in his carpentry business. Clifford Speare was also an active member in his church.