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Inwardleigh & Beyond 


Daniel Speare  1821-1900

Daniel Speare was the 8th child of Richard Speare & Mary Ward. I have not been able to locate a baptism record yet but expect he was baptised in the Inwardleigh area..

At the time of the 1841 Census Daniel was living at Lower Ley Farm with her parents Richard & Mary and brothers Samuel, John & Emanuel & sister Eliza.


Extract from 1841 Upton Pyne Census

Daniel was married to Harriet Perkins on 27th September 1842 in Upton Pyne, Devon.  Harriet's sister Mary had married Daniel's brother John.  Harriet was the daughter of William Perkins & Sarah Gowman.

Daniel Speare & Harriet Perkins marriage certificate


In 1851 Daniel & Harriet were living at Lower Jackmore Cottage in Upton Pyne with children Mary, Anna, William, Emanuel & James.  They also had Harriet's relatives Joseph & William Perkins living with them.  Daniel was working as an Agricultural labourer. 

1851 Upton Pyne census image

10 years later in 1861 Daniel & Harriet were still living in Jackmore cottage in Upton Pyne.  They had children James, Alfred, Walter & Harriet living with them.  Daniel was still working as an agricultural labourer.

1861 Upton Pyne census image

In 1871 Daniel and Harriet remain in the same property in Upton Pyne.  They have children James, Jessie & Walter H living with them and John Lee a lodger.

1871 Upton Pyne census image.

In 1881 Daniel & Harriet are still based in Upton Pyne living in Jackmore cottage.  They have 2 children living with them Jessie & Walter H. 

1881 Upton Pyne census image.

10 years later Daniel & Harriet are in the 1891 census living in Upton Pyne.  They have their daughter Jessie & Granddaughter Alice Speare living with them

1891 Upton Pyne census image

Daniel Speare dies on 14th July 1900 in Upton Pyne.  

Daniel Speare death certificate

Harriet is still living at Jackmore cottage with her Granddaughter Alice Maud Speare at the time of the 1901 census.

1901 Upton Pyne census image

Harriet died on 30th July 1913 in Upton Pyne, Devon

Harriet Speare death certificate


Next Generation

Of Daniel Speare & Harriet Perkins 13 children only 5 were to live beyond their 20s and be married.

Mary Speare baptised 5th March 1843 was married to Daniel Reed in 1863 in Upton Pyne, Devon.  Daniel & Mary had 4 children that I am aware of John, Emily, Laura & Harriet.  At the time of the 1881 census they were living on the Exeter Road, 1 Rose Cottage, Alphington

Above 2 images 1881 census for Alphington, Devon



Anna Speare was baptised 3rd November 1844 in Upton Pyne, Devon.  Anna was married to William Quick in 1868.   William & Anna had 6 children that I know of Emma, Harriet, William, Laura, Albert & Andrew.  

Alfred Speare was born 1st January 1853 in Upton Pyne.  Alfred was married to  Sarah Pitts on 17th February 1872 at Exeter Registry Office.   Alfred & Sarah had 9 children Robert, Alfred Emanuel, Daniel, James Pitts, Lilian, William Henry, Alice Maud, Mary Anna & Jessie.

Alfred Speare & Sarah Pitts marriage certificate


Jessie Speare was the youngest daughter of Daniel & Harriet Speare she was born 14th August 1866 in Upton Pyne and died 2nd February 1958 in Tacoma, Washington, USA.  Jessie was married to  Edward Thomas Lawrence on 15th September 1900 in Upton Pyne.  Jessie & Edward had 4 children that I know of  Edward Daniel, Lionel Robert, Correze Geoffrey, Harold William.   Edward & Jesse relocated to the USA.

Walter Henry Speare youngest child of Daniel & Harriet Speare was born 17th November 1868 in Upton Pyne.  Walter was married to Lucy Howard in 1882 in Cardiff, Wales.  Walter & Lucy had 3 children Maude Harriet, Annie Bessie & Lucy.  Lucy, Walters wife died in 1898 in Cardiff.  Later in 1898 Walter was married to Alice Scourse.  Walter & Alice relocated to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with their family.


Photos of Walter Henry Speare & Alice Scourse

Walter & Alice had the following children.  Alice Irene, Ida Winifred, Walter Daniel James, Alfred Francis, Robert Henry, Sidney Howard, Gordon Emanuel, George Charles Wesley, Emily Adeline, Margery Irene, James Arthur & Dennis.   Several of Walter's descendeants are still based in the Hamilton area today.





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