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Welcome to Devon Roots.  

This site has been put together to provide more information on the villages linked to different branches of my family in Devon and also the various different families I am connected to.

If you have any information or links relating to any of the village that other people might find useful.  Please get in touch.



I act as Online Parish Clerk for a number of villages in Devon.  Please click here to find out more.

I hope you find this site useful & informative.


Family Connection to founders of Spear & King Construction.


My Devon Family Surnames


Abell, Blackler, Brimblecome, Carter, Carpenter, Chapell, Chesterman, Clark, Collings, Cooper, Cornish, Corter, Creber, Crook, Ellis, Gidley, Giles, Gowman/Golman, Grimsher, Horrel, Jolliffe, May, Melhuse, Morcombe, Nethaway, Nichols, Northcott, Peeke, Perkins, Philpe, Pitts, Robertson, Rowe, Sleisman, Speare, Sprey, Squire, Tanner, Tapley, Tucke, Tucker, Ward, Westcott, Wey, Wills


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