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Inwardleigh & Beyond 


Grace Speare  1811 - 1895


Grace Speare was the 4th child of Richard Speare & Mary Ward.  Grace was baptised 11th February 1811 in Inwardleigh, Devon.  On 3rd November 1830 Grace was married to John Gidley at Exeter St John, Devon.  Grace & John had 5 children that I am aware of Charles, Emanuel, Charles Clarke, Mary & John.  At the time of the 1841 census John & Grace were living in Whitestone.  John was working as an Agricultural labourer.  They were living next to Grace's brother Richard Speare and his family.

1841 Whitestone census image

John Gidley died in December 1843 aged 31.  He was buried in Whitestone on  28th December 1843.  3 years later Grace was married to Henry Seaman.  at the time of the 1851 census Grace & Henry were living at Osbornes Farm in Alphington, Devon.  Henry was a farm labourer and to children Sophia & Henry living with them.

1851 censu image Alphington, Devon

10 years later in 1861 Henry & Grace had relocated from Devon to Wraxall in Somerset. Henry was working as a Dairy Man.  They had 3 children living with them Sophia, Walter & Henry who were all scholars. 

1861 census image Wraxall, Somerset

10 years later in 1871 Henry & Grace were still living in Wraxall, Somerset.  Henry was still working as a Dairy Man.  They had one child living at home Henry who was working as a Gardener.

1871 census image Wraxall, Somerset


1881 Grace is a widow and has left Somerset and is now living with her son Walter Seaman at 12 Upper Barnsbury Street, Islington, London.  Walter is now living with his wife Emma Cecil who he married in 1874.  He is working as a Railway Clerk.  Walter & Emma have 2 children living with them Harold Walter & Walter Cecil.  

1881 Islington census image 

In 1891 the family are still living in Islington, London.  They are at 89 Barnsbury Street, Islington.  Walter is now a Railway Clerk in charge.  Walter & Emma have the following children living with them.  Harold W, Arthur H, Sybil & Howard E.   Grace is shown as living on her own means.

1891 Islington census image


Grace died in the Islington area in 1895.





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