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Welcome to speare.info & .org.uk the website was first set up several years ago to provide a basic insight into the Speare family from Hatherleigh & Inwardleigh in Devon which has now branched out all over the world.

Over the past few years I have been able to meet up with relatives from various different branches of the family some who are sadly no longer with us.  The input I have received from the family has been brilliant and as a result I have focussed a lot of my time on this branch of my family.  

I am currently working on another gathering of the family to take place in October 2013 in Oxford, England.  This is to follow on from the earlier gatherings in Exeter, St Charles (US) & Plymouth.  It would be great to be able to see as many of you as possible.  I have set up a seperate page for this, the link is at the bottom of the page.  I will also set up and event page for those of you who use facebook.


The Hatherleigh Speare family currently starts with Henry Speare & Rebecca Cooper who were married 15th June 1701 in Hatherleigh, Devon.  Henry & Rebecca had 5 children baptised in Hatherleigh details below.  The Speare family has links in Hatherleigh going back to the 1500s I am still working on linking everything together.

Henry Speare Male 19/12/1705
Rebecca Speare Female 23/8/1707
John Speare Male 14/8/1710 Died 24/7/1713
John Speare Male 26/10/1713
Elizabeth Speare Female 29/8/1715

Henry Speare above was married to Elizabeth Abell on 9th June 1727 in Hatherleigh, Devon.  Henry & Elizabeth had the following children baptised in Hatherleigh shown below.   Rebecca Speare was married to John Nethaway on 1st July 1728 in Hatherleigh.  John Speare was married to Dorothy Weeks 4th May 1740 in Iddesleigh & Elizabeth Speare was married to Richard Hooper on 5th September 1743 in Iddesleigh.

Henry Speare Male 7/12/1727
Arthur Speare Male 4/1729
John Speare Male 28/8/1730
Israel Speare Male 7/4/1732
Rebecca Speare Female 28/11/1734

John Speare above was married to Mary Tucke on 11th October 1755 in Hatherleigh.  They had 1 son that I currently know about Richard Speare who starts the Inwardleigh line of the family and was married to Mary Carpenter



This branch of the family starts with Richard Speare & Mary Carpenter who were married 11th August 1772 in Inwardleigh, Devon.  Mary Carpenter was baptised 4th July 1756 in Meeth, Devon daughter of Richard & Prudence Carpenter. The Carpenter family also has links to Merton & Iddelseigh.

Richard & Mary had 4 children that I am aware of Johanna (b.1774), Mary (b.1776) married to Thomas Record 4th February 1796 in Inwardleigh.  Richard (b.1777) married to Mary Ward on 31st December 1800 in Inwardleigh and finally Samuel (b.1780) married to Sarah Ward (sister of Mary) 10th November 1807 in Inwardleigh.  The Speare & Ward families were farming families from the village.  Whitestone & Upton Pyne are 2 other key villages with the earlier branches of the family.

The link above called Inwardleigh and beyond follows the life of Richard Speare & Mary Ward with further information on their branch of the family.  

The Devon to East London link is about the family William Speare who relocated to the Bethnal Green area of London he was grandson of Samuel Speare & Sarah Ward.

I would like to thank everyone in the family for their help in putting this family website together especially Donna Fortman, Irene Allan & Laura Henderson in Canada. Paul Speare & Gilbert Speare in the UK  & Diana Edmunds, Marcy Speare & Lura Black in the US & the family in Australia.

The family is moving with the times and now has a group on Facebook Speare with a e which has grown to over 120 members. 




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