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Inwardleigh & Beyond 

By Thomas Peeke


This page is about Richard Speare & Mary Ward my 5th Great grandparents and their family.  The current day family is spread out around the world.  The key locations for Richard & Mary are Inwardleigh, Upton Pyne & Whitestone.

I will start with Richard Speare who I expect was born in late 1877 son of Richard Speare & Mary Carpenter.  He was baptised in the village of Inwardleigh, Devon on 12th January 1778.  Richard was born into a farming family and had the following siblings that I currently know of.  Johanna, Mary & Samuel.  

The next record for Richard is his marriage to Mary Ward daughter of Ralph Ward & Grace Sprey another local farming family.   They were married in Inwardleigh on 31st December 1800.  

Richard & Mary had 10 children all bar one I have been able to find baptism records for and are listed below

Baptism Date Place
Mary 17th January 1802 Inwardleigh
Richard 2nd March 1808 Inwardleigh
Ralph 3rd July 1808 Inwardleigh
Grace 11th February 1811 Inwardleigh
Samuel 18th July 1813 Inwardleigh
William 15th October 1815 Inwardleigh
John 4th October 1818 Inwardleigh
Daniel Not Known
Eliza 24th August 1823 Inwardleigh
Emanuel 11th September 1826 Upton Pyne

We know from the Inwardleigh parish records that Richard & Mary were based in the Inwardleigh area up until 1826 when they appear in Upton Pyne near Exeter.   Whilst in the Inwardleigh area Richard was working as an Agricultural labourer / Farmer.   Rosencombe in Folly Gate the neighbouring village to Inwardleigh is where the family were living for several years.  

Above is a photo of Rosencombe taken by Paul Speare 3rd Gt Grandson of Richard & Mary.

Richard only appears on the 1841 Census, he is living at Lower Ley Farm in Upton Pyne, Devon with his wife Mary and sons Samuel, John, Daniel & Emanuel & daughter Eliza.  Richards occupation was shown as an Agricultural Labourer.

Above is an extract from the 1841 Upton Pyne Census image.

Richard Speare came to a somewhat tragic end dieing as the result of injuries inflicted after being attacked by a Bull.   His death certificate was signed by the Coroner of Devon at the time.  He died on 10th October 1848 in Upton Pyne 

Copy of Richards death certificate

Mary Speare wife of Richard next appears in the 1851 Census living in Finnimore Cottage, Whitestone, Devon with her daughter Eliza now married to George Finnimore.  Also living in the house is Daniel Speare son of Richard & Mary's oldest son Richard.

Above is the 1851 Whitestone Census Image

10 years later in 1861 Mary is still living with her daughter Eliza & her husband George Finnimore.  Mary's grandson Daniel Speare is still living with them.  They are now living in Rowhorn Cottage in Whitestone.   The next entry on the census image is for Joseph & Mary Roberts who are living at East Rowhorn Farm.  Mary is the oldest daughter of Richard & Mary Speare.


1861 Whitestone, Devon Census Image.

Mary Speare passes away on 15th September 1870 at the age of 88 in Whitestone, Devon

Copy of Mary Speare death certificate

All of Richard & Mary's children lived to adulthood.  You can find out more about them and their families by clicking on the names at the side of the page




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