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April 1895: Spear & King - new house - Gordon Road- in the 1896 Rate book this is owned by Spear & King and lived in by Esther Bingham - she is still living there in 1907 when it is known as "Pinewood".

August 1900: Spear & King - new house - Gordon Road - 1901 the original house has been sold to Esther Bingham and the new one is occupied by Thomas King - this house takes the name of
"Devonshire House". As these two houses are on adjoining land at
this time (later another house is built between them) it is likely that
Spear & King purchased a reasonable plot of land and subdivided
it - developing more of it as they could afford to.

August 1901: an application by Messrs Spear & King for stables to be built in Gordon Road

November 1902: Mr. King added to his workshop and in January 1903 he built a timber store

April 1905 - Application from Mr. T. King for a workshop at his builders yard

February 1909: a smithy was added to the workshop

1907 Directory: Thomas King at "Devonshire House" Gordon

1915 Directory : Mrs. King is residing at "Devonshire House" - the site of the builders' yard in Gordon Road. It is likely that she is a widow.

1932 Directory: Thomas King at 84 Gordon Road Francis Youlden Spear at "Gablehurst" 86 Gordon Road - next to the builders' yard.

1938 Directory: Spear & King 23 High Street, Camberley - between the dairy and the Mandarin Cafe - east of High Street.  Anthony Youlden Spear living at "Netherfield", Heatherley Road.  Thomas King is at 84 Gordon Road - the site of the builders' yard.