'A Devon family that has branched out Globally'

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Speare Family History Website


Welcome to  www.speare.ino & .org.uk.  This web site was set up over 4 years ago  to provide members of the Speare family with information on the family past & present. The web site also has Information about the places where the family have lived over the years.

I am aware of branches of the Family today living in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia Norway & New Zealand.  I also am aware that the spelling  has varied over the years, and is sometimes spelt Spear without the E on the end.

So far I have traced the line of the family that I am related to back to Richard Speare & Mary Carpenter who married in Inwardleigh, Devon, England on 11th August 1772.  Inwardleigh is a small village just outside Okehampton in Devon. 

At the moment I know that Richard & Mary had 4 children Johanna, Mary, Samuel & Richard.  Samuel married Sarah Ward 10th November 1807 in Inwardleigh.  Richard married Mary Ward 21st December 1801 in Inwardleigh.

I would like to thank everyone in the family for their help in putting this family website together especially Donna Fortman, Irene Allan & Laura Henderson in Canada. Paul Speare & Gilbert Speare in the UK  & Diana Edmunds, Marcy Speare & Lura Black  in the US & the family in Australia.


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