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Canadian Speare Get Together in Mitchell on 20th April 2002

Chicago Speare's Visit UK, April 2002

Exeter Speare Get Together 3rd & 4th April 2002

Gilbert Speares Photos of Devon Get Together

Speare Get Together Chicago/St Charles, USA in  March 2002

Speare Meeting in London, UK, June 2002



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Speare Family News/Events

May 2012

Yolanda Takes British Swimming Record

Yolanda Speare (18) took part in the National Masters Swimming Championships at the Olympic size
pool at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, UK from May 4th to 6th 2012.

She won three gold and two silver medals in her 18-24 years age group, three of which set new
County records for Oxfordshire & North Buckinghamshire.

But the biggest prize of the weekend was her new British record for the 100 metres backstroke
event, taking one second off the previous record which had stood for six years.

Yolanda has been a club swimmer since the age of eight, competing at County, Regional and
National levels, and has been a member of Witney & District Swimming Club since 2004.

April 2012

Era Banner Newspaper - Newmarket, Ontario.

A letter has been sent to the above newspaper to try and track down the family of Doris Speare & David Smith.

January 2011

Donna Fortman (nee Speare) has uncovered a new branch of the Speare family in the Toronto area of Canada.

Richard John Speare (27/11/1867 - 02/06/1936) son of Richard Speare & Susannah Carter from Teignmouth, Devon relocated with his wife Mary Ellen Taylor (1870 - 1969) to Toronto, Canada

Richard & Mary had a daughter Doris Ellen Speare born 31st December 1910 in Toronto, Canada.  Doris was married to David Frank Smith (born 3/10/1910).  As far as we currently know Doris passed away in 1995.  David & Doris had 2 daughters & 3 sons Teresa Jean, Donald & John David being 3 of the children.   the other daughter married into the Ransome family.

Any information on this family would be much appreciated.

October 2010

I had a succesful visit down to Devon with Paul Speare.  We were trying to find out more about the Speare family roots.  Thanks too some new leads the pieces of the puzzle fitted together and enabled the family tree to go back a few more generations.

July 2010

I have made contact with Hector Speare from Mexico City, Mexico.  Hector is the descendent of Joseph Speare from England who went out to Mexico to do mining.  I hope to be able to do more work on this branch of the family soon to see if they link into the Inwardleigh Speare family. 

Below are some photos of the Mexican Speare family.



May 2010

I have made contact with a new branch of the Speare family in South Africa!   The family of Samuel Ernest Crocker.  Samuel went to South Africa with the South Africa Constabulary he was married to Violet Alvina Browne and had 2 daughters Doreen Orianna & Lorna Alvina.  Samuel is the Grandson of Jane Speare from Inwardleigh.  Gt Grandson of Samuel Speare & Sarah Ann Ward.

October 2009

A small gathering took place in Witney, Oxfordshire for some of the Bethnal Green branch of the Speare family

Paul Speare took part in the Brompton World Championships on Sunday 4th October at Blenheim Palace near Oxford.  On the day Paul's time was 29:21 which he was very pleased with.  Paul came in at 201st place (out of 600) and 28th in the male veterans' category (over 50s)


September 2009

I am looking into the family of Jessie Ann Thomas Speare daughter of William Speare & Anna Maria Thomas.  She was born 18th May 1873 in Ashburton, Devon.  On 23rd December 1902 she was married to Alfred George Steer (possible known as George based on 1911 Census).  They had 3 children that I know of Alfred George Steer born 1904, Lily Steer born 1905 & Violet Beatrice Steer born 1907.

Alfred George was married to Laura G Case in the Newton Abbot area in 1925.  Lily was married to Samuel Eales in 1926 in Newton Abbot area and finally Violet Beatrice was married to George German in 1928 in Newton Abbot.    

If you think you could be connected it would be great to hear from you.

June 2009

Family tree continues to grow.  I have recently made contact with a branch of the Speare/Norgrove family.  Annie Speare daughter of William Speare & Sarah Ann Prouse was married to Thomas Henry Norgrove in 1890 in the Woolwich area of London.

The family of Grace Speare also continues to grow.  Grace was the daughter of Richard Speare & Mary Ward.  Grace was married to John Gidley on 3rd November 1830 in Exeter. The family were based in Whitestone, Devon.  following the early death of John, Grace remarried.  Henry Seaman.  As far as I am aware Grace ended up in London.  I have now made contact with several different branches of this family. 

April 2009

I have now found information on the families of Grace & Mary Speare daughters of Richard Speare & Mary Ward.  Mary Speare seems to have married Joseph Roberts from Newton St Cyres.  They had a farm in the Whitestone area.  Grace was married to John Gidley they were also in the Whitestone area.

March 2009

The Bethnal Green branch of our family is continuing to grow.  I have recently made contact with Jenny Chilvers who is part of this family.  It has been great seeing photos of family members.  I am also in contact with cousins in Ontario, Canada who are part of this branch of the Speare family.


I have made contact with Earl Jackson a Descendent of Charles Mortimore son of Walter Mortimore & Anne Speare from Whitestone Devon.  Anne was the daughter of Richard Speare & Ann Joslin who were married in Upton Pyne on 9th February 1831.  Richard is the son of Richard Speare & Mary Ward from Rosencombe, Inwardleigh, Devon


Speare Family Gathering 2006 in Plymouth. 

The Plymouth Gathering was great success.  It was nice to meet members of the family from across the UK.  We were also joined by several family members from Overseas.   Robert, Helen & Heather Pynn from Calgary, Canada, Judy & Bob Kokkinn from Oslo, Norway and the Queensland Contingent from Australia, Carolyn Peaker, Ben & Gail de Jong, Brian & Ann Callander, Trevor & Meryl Faibrother & Frank Speare 




I received the sad news today that Richard (Dick) Speare has passed away.  I was lucky enough to have met Dick on a couple of occasions whilst in Canada.  I am sure he will be missed by his family & friends.


I have recently discovered with the help of Allan Kane from Bracknell that members of our family were behind the Construction Organisation Spear & King.  I will add more information soon.


I received the sad news today that Christine Speare wife of Gilbert Speare passed away peacefully in her sleep at York District Hospital yesterday morning.  Christie & Gilbert had been married for 62 years.  I am sure al of our thoughts will be with Gilbert and his family.



I met Tricia & Cozette from California at Heathrow Airport, They were on there way to Dublin on a short trip. 


I have recently made contact with some Ward cousins in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Dawnlyn Ward is a descendent of Thomas Ward and Elizabeth Bond from Inwardleigh, Devon.  Welcome to this site. 


I have just added an index of the Speare family members who were listed on the 1901 Census of England & Wales on the Speare Data Page


The family Tree has just been updated with the information relating to the family of George Frederick Speare who went to Australia.  Thank you Peter for the information.


I received a letter today from the Mid Continent Library in Independence, MO, USA.  They are going to hold the Speare Family Newsletter in their Periodicals collection. I would like to thank Chloe Seagrove for putting me in contact with the library.  If any of you know of other libraries that would like to hold a copy of the Newsletter please let me know.   


Lola Grace Hoskins Klein

19/12/1904 - 10/01/2003

I received the sad news today of the death of Lola.  Lola was the wife of the late Andrew McLellan (1950) & the late William Klein (1972).  Her Parents were Joseph Speare & Laura Dinnin.   I will be setting up a memorial page for her shortly.  The Funeral Service took place at Lockhart Funeral Home, Mitchell, Ontario on Monday 13th January 2003 at 12pm.  Rev. Peter Bush - Officiated.  Interment was at Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Ontario. 


I have recently made contact with June & John Lee in Devon.  John is the 2nd Great grandson of Daniel Speare & Harriet Perkins from Upton Pyne, Devon.  I would like to thank them for the information that they have provided me with. 


I  went up to Chester on Wednesday to meet up with Cliff Speare who had flown into Manchester on a trip.  We went up to Helmshore in Lancashire to visit the village where Cliffs Step Grandmother Mary Jane Rogers came from and met one of Mary's Nieces.


The Latest edition of the Speare Family Newsletter was sent our last week to family in the UK, Canada, US & Australia.

I have recently made contact with Rick Speare a Cousin in Michigan.  Welcome to this website i hope you find it useful.


I have recently made contact with John & Carolyn Speare , Dan Speare  & Tricia Kreis in the US and would like to welcome them to this website.   

I am working on the Jolliffe branch of the family tree with Mike Jolliffe in Ontario and hope to be able to provide more information on this soon.  The Jolliffe family is linked to those of us how are connected to the Speare/Perkins line of the family from Upton Pyne, Devon. 


My trip to the US & Canada went really well.  I was based in St Charles, Illinois, Stow, Ohio and Hamilton, Canada.  It was great to meet the different members of the family.

The 2003 Get Together in St Charles, Illinois is gaining interest rapidly it would be great if we can get 100+ people to attend.

I have met up with Robert & Helen Pynn from Calgary, Canada & Diana & Nolan Edmunds from Texas.  It has been good to meet members of the family from Across the Atlantic here in the UK.  


I have recently made contact with Holly Perreault Ontario, Canada.  I would like to welcome Holly and her family to the International Speare family and hope they find this website useful.


Welcome to all the Speare family members in the Brisbane area of Australia that i have recently made contact it is great to be in contact with you all.




I received the Sad new today of the Death of Charlie Speare in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  He was born on the 10th June 1934 in Hamilton son of Gordon Emanuel Speare & Eva Clark.  

Charlie married Barbara in April 1957 and had 3 Children Cheryl, Gordon & Steven and 4 Grandchildren.  My thought are with his family at this Sad time.  


Search for Speares Continues

I sent letters out this week to Speares across Australia & in the following States in America, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, North Dakota & Minnesota.  I have also made contact with another Speare relative in Florida.


Family of George Edward Speare & Florence Lewandowski

Welcome to the website if you are related to George & Florence.  George Edward Speare (Born 19/08/1909) is the 2nd Cousin of my Grandfather.  I am working with Judy Bargeon in Monroe to update your branch of the family tree.


Search for Elizabeth (Betty) Speare

Betty with Brother Clifford

Betty was born around 1912-13 in Winnipeg, Canada.  She is the daughter of William Henry Speare & Mary Jane (Gennie) Rogers.  Betty came to England during the First World War with her brother Bill (William) and lived in Devon with family.  Betty's Mother died in 1917 as a result of a Flu Epidemic at the time.  The family returned to Winnipeg soon after WW1 and William Henry married again and had another son Clifford Speare.  In the 1930s the family moved from Winnipeg to Chicago in search of a better life.

Betty is believed to have married a Charles Mitchell from Denver city, Colorado and gone to live their.  I understand that she had a daughter but that is about all I know.  Betty has not be heard of since the 1940s.

The last contact address i have for Charles B Mitchell is 

Charles B. Mitchell
Insurance Adjuster
858 Gas and Electric Building
Denver 2, Colorado 

If anyone has any information about Elizabeth (Betty) I would love to hear from them.  I have sent letters out to members of the Mitchell family in Denver recently.    


Today I had a Phone call from Mr. G Tarr in Torquay.  He is a descendant of George Tarr & Eliza Speare.  I hope to be able to bring you more information soon about his branch of the family.



Contact thomas.peeke@googlemail.com